Are you ready for a transformation?

Connections open hearts and minds. They give us empathy to hear and be heard. They have the power to unify generations, cultures, and values.

I am a Connection Catalyst

I view the world as a series of patterns. I use this quirky habit to foster connections between people, ideas, and places that create alignment and serve a purpose. I approach connections are like “universe winks” waiting to be discovered.

When I’m asked to help others manifest connections, it’s like a game for me. It stirs up my competitive spirit. I see a challenge to overcome and I can be pretty relentless until I have solutions to offer that will yield meaningful results.

Let’s play a game!

Which methods of generating connections speaks to you or your audience?

Consider each of the 6 connecting strategies below and write down the emoji(s) next the strategies you are most curious to learn more about. Then scroll to the bottom and send me an email with each of the emojis you chose and curious responses you had.

If you’ve reached this point in my website, you’ve been here a bit so don’t get shy on me now! Just play along!

😊 : Build or rebuild virtual communities

: Email & electronic lead generation

👍 : Swag & print collateral


💡 : Workshop & course creation

💥 : Kid conversation starters & activities

🌟 : Family games & content guides

I create activities that get you action!

I’m grateful we were connected today. If what I’m offering isn’t what you’re looking for, please consider putting some good karma out into the universe for both of us by sharing my site with one person. Your connection might be the “universe wink” someone else is hoping to experience today!

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